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By on October 9, 2017

Written by:  Darren Zygadlo | Twitter:  @darrenzygadlo | Instagram:  @onecutreviews


It’s hard being a man sometimes, now, before I get chastised by our female readers, this article is solely about a man’s plight to find the perfect underwear and not who has it harder. OK, now that is out of the way, understand that having an external appendage sit comfortably in a boxer brief is never easy and often requires repositioning and readjusting for best fit, not to mention, to prevent chafe or looking like a creep most of the time, proper fitting underwear is key. Eletrunks, have re-envisioned the classic boxer brief by giving your junk its own space to breathe.

The Eletrunk is not just about quality underwear but more importantly functional underwear. They ethically source the highest quality and innovative fabrics available and manufacture their own original brand of underwear unlike no other in the USA to help create jobs for their home community. So, the question is, what is it all about? Well, a common problem is known to most men but few women are the issues that poor performing underwear can bring to a man’s nether regions such as – compression causing awkward placement, heat that causes stickiness and chafe and even squishing that is only solved by readjusting. Eletrunks aimed to solve many of these issues by simply redesigning the boxer brief to allow the kibbles and bits to sit in its own pouch known as the comfortable pouch outside of the main form of the underwear, envisage an elephant’s trunk and you are on the right track. Best of all, using their own body mapping science, the Eletrunk guarantees 5 things: eliminate compression, regulate the temperature of your genitals, wick away moisture faster, cut skin to skin contact resulting in chafing, and best of all, allowing you to readjust to perfection.

The underwear themselves come in two different fits – the hyper-performance trunk made for athletes that want a snugger fit and the adventure series which gives a more flowing traditional fit. The trunks themselves feature some unique features that allow for a great overall experience including the ComfortBall pouch, an equally important waistband lifter and safety tunnel that helps you readjust from the waistband; fantastic flat lock stitching for excellent comfort and gusset coverage under the legs to prevent chafe.

After wearing the Eletrunks this past two weeks, we will admit that while there is a slight adjustment period to the way we think about boxer briefs, they are very comfortable. We can confirm that there is less squishing of the twig and berries and the ability to readjust from the waistband does help in those awkward situations when it just won’t sit right. An unexpected highlight for us was that the make of the Eletrunk does accentuate the girth of ones’ package as it isn’t hidden behind a formless mass and not that we need it, but we are definitely ok with that.

So, take the time to give your package the support and care it needs and update those dated ‘tightey whities’ with the Eletrunk. Get yours at www.eletrunksnation.com.

Darren Zygadlo

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