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By on November 26, 2017

Written by:  Darren Zygadlo | Twitter:  @darrenzygadlo | Instagram:  @onecutreviews

An unfortunate first world problem for most is – unreliable Wi-Fi, often caused by poor range from conventional modems and routers leading to the all so dreaded dead zone in the home. Eero is the world’s most flexible Wi-Fi system, using eeros and the new eero Beacon you can blanket your home with great connectivity and achieve a great in-home Wi-Fi experience.

Most of us 21st-century thinking types have tried to fix our common connectivity issues with some horrible Band-Aid solutions through advice from say YouTube or Reddit, but these often fail to address the larger problem. Those larger problems seemingly being hard to get around – walls, doors, appliances, neighbors’ networks, metal, water (water heaters and fish tanks alike), dogs, anything solid really. So how do we fix it?

Their 2nd generation Eero system creates multiple access points via the 700MHz quad-core CPU and engulfs your home in a Wi-Fi mesh network from the basement to ceiling. The Eero access point is connected to your existing modem and will broadcast on three wireless bands simultaneously (tri-band Wi-Fi) with the third band adding an additional 5 GHz radio, allowing your network to deliver even more reliable fast speeds to more devices. Each additional Eero receiver added is part of the same network and provides seamless Wi-Fi from one point to another and does not require you to log into it like a repeater would.

The new eero beacon continues to build on the network framework by providing all the features of the 1st generation system in a smaller form factor that can plug directly into an outlet eliminating those disruptive cords. The dual-band baby brother of eero supports MU-MIMO streaming and beamforming and is comprised of a 4.7-inch super glossy node with a small LED indicator and nightlight that can be scheduled to turn on at specific times, or you can alternatively use the ambient light sensor to have it turn on and off according to the current lighting conditions.

With the assistance of the very intuitive Eero app, you can add as many receivers as you need to cover your home and they automatically connect to each other wirelessly. The additional Eero units simply need power and before you know it you have created a more efficient connected W-Fi network. A set of three will cover the average home (2,000 – 4,000 sq. ft.), but the beauty of Eero is that you can expand your system to cover any home, regardless of its size or shape. The app itself also enables you to have greater control and manage your network from the palm of your hand. You can see how many devices are connected, speeds you are getting, enact parental controls, family profiles and you can even share your network with guests – very easily.

In addition to content filtering, the new Eero Plus service (fees apply) offers protection against malware, phishing, and viruses, as well as top-tier technical support. Peace of mind for a problem free network.

After adding the new eero beacons to our existing network, we have found that we have received better overall connectivity in every area of our office, even outside. It is clear, eero wants you to rethink the way we set up Wi-Fi networks in our homes and offices and given the speed and reliability we have come to expect from eero, it is not better, it is the best solution for your connected world.

Darren Zygadlo

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