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By on November 26, 2017

Written by:  Darren Zygadlo | Twitter:  @darrenzygadlo | Instagram:  @onecutreviews

There is no other way to state it – you can’t underestimate the power of a well-fitted pair of underwear or where I am from, a great ‘budgie smuggler’. As the folks at The Other Danish Guy put it so eloquently, it is the fundamental layer of confidence and their underwear will allow you to feel like you can take on the world!

You feel confident when you don’t have to worry unnecessarily about your underwear, it makes you feel more presentable nay radiate success and I am not talking about those 6-month-old ‘tightey whities’ that are damn near see through. The Other Danish Guy know what it takes to make some premium underwear, in fact, they are so confident in the fit and finish that they only come in two variants – the Globetrotter boxer brief and the Traveller trunk.

The Globetrotter is built for those that want a mid-thigh length pair of underwear that offers protection from chaffing during physical activity. Stitched together from Smoothshell Polyamide which is a 100% regenerated nylon, it’s brilliant quick dry, moisture wicking properties are perfect for those doing a little or a lot with their time. The tag-free, 40mm super soft elastic waistband with moderate rise also means that comfort is at the forefront. We especially liked the high-quality flatlock seams and breathability of the product, something often overlooked when it comes to undergarments built for sport.

Their trunks are a different beast but equally as comfortable. The hybrid of brief and boxer brief is perfect for that everyday wear, whether it’s under dress pants or with shorts. The shorter leg and squarish appearance mean they are a closer fit to the classic brief for those wanting to migrate to the 21st century. These are also built very similar with its largely Polyamide/Elastane structure, except, the trunks have a low-rise waistband, sitting just below the hip and offer even more breathability.

After sampling both offerings, we must first give a high five to the marketing team with their sealed pull tab can packaging, it literally felt like you were opening a can of Red Bull to get your underwear and we loved it.  They also felt very comfortable both in use at the gym and under stuffy slacks while at work. Did they make us feel more confident? Of course, and the compliments from the wifey about how great they looked on us, also didn’t hurt with that either.

If you need an upgrade to your under-wardrobe, then check out The Other Danish Guy underwear at

Darren Zygadlo

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