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By on March 11, 2018

Written by:  Darren Zygadlo | Twitter:  @darrenzygadlo | Instagram:  @onecutreviews


For those that are in the mobile photography business, you know how important a tripod is when it comes to taking that perfect shot or stable video for your social media and streaming video accounts. Square Jellyfish, design compact and lightweight mounts that can fit into a backpack and set up in a matter of seconds to make your Smartphone photos and video look more professional.

Their jelly grip line of tripod mounts aims to give users more balance and stability but still allow the camera to be moved freely. With Versatility being the name of the game, we were given the opportunity to review their Jelly Long Legs mount and Pro Tripod Mounts to improve our social media prowess.

Their Jelly Long Legs, is a stationary tripod that weighs a measly 2.6 ounces and features an adjustable centralized ball joint for a more fluid motion when positioning and stabilizing the camera. The addition of a metal insert at the base of the mount works with all standard 1/4 x 20 tripod threads giving the device more universality. The camera mounts to works with most smartphones as it can extend to almost 4 inches in diameter to cradle the device. We particularly liked how snug the mount held our iPhone and we never feared it slipping loose or falling. As the name states, the long legs of the mount feature rubber friction pads on the feet meaning that it will not slide easily along the surface it is set up on, this too was cleverly thought out.

Their Pro Tripod mount is a similar affair and features the same basic design as the Jelly Long Legs but with the ability to attach up to two accessories. The accessory adapters themselves attach to the ball joint of the mount so that you can freely position a light or microphone to your heart’s content. This is a better option for pro videographers and YouTube content creators as you can essentially have a mini studio with everything you need to be connected to one lightweight mount you can carry and position anywhere you are.

In the world of Instagram stars, YouTube sensations or just those that want to take better photos and video, a tripod is now an essential item for the budding star within us all, even if it is for just taking a great group shot or handsfree Facetime calls. These lightweight and well-made mounts by Square Jellyfish are an inexpensive way to improve your visual presence.

Get yours at www.squarejellyfish.com

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