ēgō® magazine is a Canadian independently owned premier on-line magazine for the modern man. Since 2011 we have been providing our growing readership with insightful content that ranges in various topics for the modern gentleman. We believe that the ego should never be coined as a negative or narcissistic characteristic or quality. In order to grow and be better people then we need to positively feed the ego.

“Conscience makes egotists of us all.”

~Oscar Wilde

Our Mission:

To provide the insight to that unknown, indefinable characteristic that can unlock what it is that we all keep hidden inside. We want to motivate and inspire to try new experiences, to enrich the lives of our viewers with exciting content. We strive to provide knowledge that can feed confidence, and create a momentum to spark motivation.

Our Vision:

To devote our time and the vast resources of knowledge to our customers to assist in personal growth.  With the hope to inspire with that which now motivates team ēgō … what we have discovered in OUR souls perhaps can reach yours.

Our Core Values:


~ Curiosity to strive for knowledge

~ Embracing your abilities

~ Knowing yourself, and how far you want to go

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