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General Inspection Robot
The general inspection robot adopts modular design and has multiple functions such as autonomous navigation, equipment condition monitoring, remote control, auto-recharging, AI identification, etc. Users only need to set the inspection time and route in advance, the robot can conduct autonomous inspection for 24 hours continuously, identify and predict potential safety hazards timely. It has been widely used in the parks, workshops, factories, power converting stations, power distribution rooms, pipe racks, etc.
Intelligent Path Programming
Autonomous positioning, intelligent obstacle avoidance, to avoid leak inspection and wrong inspection.
Environment monitoring
Video surveillance with high resolution, timely alarm in case of fire, smoke, etc., to enhance the safety.
Gas Detection
Multi-sensor fusion, enable to detect methane, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases.
Video Image Analysis
Take video images of faces, vehicles, meters, etc., and make comprehensive analysis to identify potential hazards and to ensure the safety of the environment.
Cooperative Engagement
Providing real-time information to control center for collaborative decision making, support recording and playback.
Custom Design
Based on modular design to adapt diversed requirements of different industries.
650*565*790 mm Dimensions
≤60 kg Weight
±25 mm Positioning Accuracy
1.2 m/s Maximum Speed
Laser Navigation Navigation Method
8 h Endurance time
Application Scenarios
power converting stations
Power Distribution Room
Pipe Rack