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Explosion-proof Inspection Robot
The explosion-proof inspection robot can be wheel type or rail mounted, which can meet the explosion-proof requirements of oil and gas and other high-risk scenes. It is able to solve various problems existing in manual inspection to effectively eliminate potential safety hazards, to improve work efficiency, quality and safety. This robot can be applied to chemical plants, coal mines, sewage-treatment plants, tunnels, livestock farms, plastic houses and so on.
Gas Detection
Multi-sensor fusion, enable to detect methane, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases.
Temperature Humidity Detection
It can detect the ambient temperature, humidity, and alarm when exceeding the threshold.
Leakage Detection
If there is liquid leakage on the ground, the robot can trigger alarm signal.
Video Image Analysis
Take video images of faces, vehicles, meters, etc., and make comprehensive analysis to identify potential hazards and to ensure the safety of the environment.
Rail mounted explosion-proof inspection robot
Wheeled explosion-proof inspection robot
997*635*865 mm Dimensions
Exd Ⅱ CT4 Gb Explosion-proof Class
IP65 Protection Class
±10 mm Positioning Accuracy
1.2 m/s Maximum Speed
6 h Endurance time
800*450*200 mm Dimensions
250 kg Weight
Exd Ⅱ CT4 Gb Explosion-proof Class
IP65 Protection Class
1.2 m/s Maximum Speed
6 h Endurance time
Application Scenarios
Chemical plant
Coal mine
Sewage-treatment plant
Livestock farm
Plastic houses